Discovering the Magical World of Cézanne

There was once a French artist that wanted to amaze Paris by drawing apples. Have you heard of him? Well, it was me! I am Paul Cézanne. I painted lots of apples- just apples, still lives filled with fruit- but I didn´t make it… At that time no one was aware of the revolutionary nature that entitled my work, they didn´t understand it. On the other hand, currently I am considered to be the “father” of Modern Art. Do you want to know why? Read through the pages of this book, and pay attention to what I am about to tell you…

Paul Cézanne was a passionate, shy and solitary man. He broke away from all the rules and styles of the time in the quest of his own artistic identity, but this generated responses of rejection from the public. While he was alive, he failed to be recognized for his paintings, but after his death, he triumphed all around the world. Picasso and Matisse admired him; at the present time he is considered to be one of painters with greater influence in the development of art in the 20th century.


Hardcover. 36 pages.
With pull-down inside.
Includes Glossary and pedagogical activities.
ISBN 978-84-494-4484-5


Maria Jordà Costa

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