Discovering the Magical World of Francisco de Goya

Great to meet you! My name is Francisco de Goya Lucientes. Did you know I was a painter for the Court of Madrid for more than 50 years? There I painted kings, princes and people from the aristocracy. Did you know I loved to paint child’s faces? And that I became deaf when I was 46 years old? Have you seen my black paintings? If you would like to know more about my life and my work, read this pages carefully, and you will be able to understand why my name is engraved in the pages of History.

Goya was a revolutionary painter that, always loyal to his obsession to tell the truth, disengaged himself from the styles proper to his time, to create a pictorial world of his own. His expressive and original work is a forerunner of Art movements as Romanticism, Expressionism, Impressionism and even Surrealism. He was an honest and passionate worker who became a universal genius, granted with a superhuman vitality that abandoned him. In his late years, close to death, his motto was “I am still learning.”


Hardcover. 36 pages.
With pull-down inside.
Includes Glossary and pedagogical activities.
ISBN 978-84-494-4263-6


Maria Jordà Costa

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