Discovering the Magical World of Frida

I am Frida Kahlo! I am the Mexican artist who painted self- portraits. Did you know that when I was young, I wanted to be a Doctor? And that I married the same guy, Diego Rivera, twice? Do you know why I used to wear long traditional skirts? In this book, you will find lots of stories and anecdotes about my life that will help you understand how I became a renowned painter.

Frida Kahlo is one of the most outstanding artists of the 20th Century. An accident at age 18 changed the course of her life. From then on pain became the key element of her being. She used painting to give a way out to this suffering, creating a work that was totally personal and metaphoric. Her art portrays her life, and her life portrays the overcoming of adversity.


Hardcover. 32 pages.
Includes Glossary and pedagogical activities.
ISBN 978-84-494-4258-2


Maria Jordà Costa

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