Discovering the Magical World of Paul Gauguin

I am Paul Gauguin, the bohemian and adventurous artist of the 20th Century. You probably know I was born in Paris, but did you know that I spent most of my childhood in Peru? Did you know that I was also a writer and a sculptor? Have you seen my paintings? They are full of colour, exotic landscapes and characters from other cultures? If you read this book, you will understand why I decided to abandon civilization in order to settle myself in a small town in Tahiti.

An adventurer, a dissident and a fighter, Gaugin has become one of the most fascinating painters of his times and the most representative artist of Bohemian Art. His “primitive” style broke away from the Realism and the Impressionism of the time and was the starting point of the Modernism movement in Art in the 20th Century. He fought endlessly and against all adversity to make his dream come true: finding authenticity in his life and his Art.


Hardcover. 36 pages.
With pull-down inside.
Includes Glossary and pedagogical activities.
ISBN 978-84-494-4194-3


Maria Jordà Costa

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