Discovering the Magical World of Picasso

Hi!  My name is Pablo Picasso. I am the Spanish artist that made Cubist paintings. Did you know that I was only 8 when I painted my first work  of art? Did you know that besides being a painter, I was also a sculptor,     a  poet,  ceramist and a designer of theatrical scenery? My passion was to draw! Do you know why I painted clowns, pigeons or harlequins? Open this book, and let me surprise you with stories and anecdotes that will help you understand how I became a great genius of painting.

Pablo Picasso was a very versatile artist. He was stubborn, full of life, and with inexhaustible energy and creativity. Along his life, he produced more than 20.000 original works of art. He is, definitely, one of the great artists of Modern Times. Life Magazine even called him “The face of 20th Century Art”.


Hardcover. 36 pages.
With pull-down inside.
Includes Glossary and pedagogical activities.
ISBN 978-84-494-4260-5


Maria Jordà Costa

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