Discovering the Magical World of Rembrandt

Hello. I am Rembrandt Van Rijn, the most famous Dutch painter in the History of Art. Have you seen any of my paintings? Maybe they seem a little bit dark and even a little gloomy to you. Well, they are. Few colours lived in my palette -I preferred to play with lights and shadows. It was part of my personal style, a style that earned me the absolute recognition of society. I had it all and, just as easy, ended up with nothing. Why? Well, pay attention- I am willing to tell you my story.

An indisputable master of chiaroscuro, he developed an unbeatable technical ability, placing his creativity before any rule or style. His unstable and troublesome life isolated him from his time, his city and his friends. But time was a good ally, and nowadays he is recognized as one of the Baroque masters of painting and etching. Or, as some say, a great genius of universal Art.


Hardcover. 36 pages.
With pull-down inside.
Includes Glossary and pedagogical activities.
ISBN 978-84-494-4640-5


Maria Jordà Costa

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