Who are we & our goals

Uakamomo is a Publishing Company, whose main goal is to make its small contribution to the upbringing of young people within a globalized and changing society. A small contribution in the shape of books envisioned as instruments that promote creativity, human values and handling of emotions.

The Uakamomo Publishing Company was founded in the year 2005 with the intention of bringing Art closer to young people, in a more appealing and pedagogic way. Why Art? Well, because we consider it to be a wonderful tool for people to express themselves, which both encourages and stimulates creativity. As Einstein said, “At times of crisis, imagination is more important than knowledge“.

Starting from here, other projects focused on pointing out human values and stimulating the expression of emotions, were born.  Helping  people deal with their emotions will help them cope successfully and happily with the events of their lives.

Here is an invitation to discover our educational proposals.